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Often men entering counselling are not comfortable with idea of talking about problems and can be held back by thoughts such as:


I don't want to be seen as having a mental health problem 

What if my friends/work colleagues find out?

I don't want to be judged 

I wouldn't even know what to say

My problems aren't that bad 

Dragging up old stuff sounds miserable

I'm scared it won't help 


All these are normal and  the male clients of all ages  I work are often surprised how different it feels to talk to someone outside their close family or work circle and the difference counselling can make to career progression, relationships and self esteem.

Often men will have been directed towards counselling from someone close to them and may be reluctantly looking for therapy. If this is you feel free to email me and I will explain how counselling works as a first step, there is no obligation.


You can go from there.

Men and Counselling statistics
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