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Welcome to my resources page! Where discover my kit of colourful, creative tools and resources for ADHDers, Parents, Partners and Professionals.

If you would like to download these for free please feel free - you can find more on my instagram too !

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The Dopamine Diary

An easy to use daily diary to help make connections between Dopamine intake and ADHD symptoms.

Full of suggestions, space to reflect and gain understanding of your mood and mental health.


The Dopamine Diaries

A short and sweet monthly newsletter with the essential ADHD news and all the Dopamine Boosting tips you need. 

Plus ! An Informative small facebook group to support the Dopamine Diary community.

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Professionals working with ADHD 

A monthly booklist listing the top ten books professionals and ADHDers are finding helpful to support their clients, own awareness and growth.

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Parents supporting children with ADHD

A monthly booklist listing the top ten books PARENTS and ADHDers are recommending right now  to support their children and own challenges navigating ADHD.

ADHD Support information sheet. 

An information sheet for parents and professionals to use with parents.


An easy and informative introduction to the basics of ADHD, signs and symptoms and support options.  

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If you are looking for specific tools and resources and would like to

work with me to create something special for your ADHDers.

Please get in touch.

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