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My Qualifications and Experience


I studied at the Chelmsford Counselling Foundation in the UK on a 5 year BACP Accredited course to qualify as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor in 2018 and have run my own private practice since then, seeing clients both in person and online from my local home town in Essex and across the world.

ADHD Specialist

After an increasing number of my clients were struggling with ADHD symptoms and my husband was diagnosed with ADHD I undertook further training to better understand and support clients and my family.


In 2023 I qualified as an ADHD Clinical professional and have undertaken specialist training and research projects to create innovative solutions for undiagnosed and diagnosed ADHD clients and their partners. I have put together some essential reading and info on my ADHD page.

Additional training


There are always new ways of thinking about how to help people with ADHD, anxiety, depression or trauma and I am committed to continuing my learning and bring new elements I feel will work for my clients into my practice.

I have recently completed a three days course Transcending trauma: Treating complex PTSD with IFS and am currently working through the IFS Masterclass programme run by the founder of Internal family Systems Dick Schwartz.


Currently I am working through the self led ADHD Marriage Effect course by Melissa Orlov.

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Counselling Issues I work with

You may be coming to therapy with some idea of what issues you would like to look at and why OR you may not be feeling quite yourself and instinct tells you that something isnt't right.

I work with all types of issues:

Self image
Self esteem
Workplace and career issues
Creative blocks
Living with an ADHD diagnosis or symptoms

Who I work with

I work with adults and young adults who want to see if talking things over in therapy - or making sense of ADHD symptoms and experiences will help improve how life feels in the long term. 

Often clients will come to me having reached a point where they are fed up of their current situation and being stuck over thinking and worrying.

How I work

I have a psychodynamic approach to counselling - offering you, my client a deeper level of therapy.

This way of working sees us gently exploring together the more unconscious aspects of the mind, related to your past,  present and future.

Unconscious processes are an important element of the mind - being able spot yours and understand how they are impacting your mood, decisions and behaviours are key to working through issues effectively.

As an IFS informed therapist I can also bring parts work into our sessions to help you understand your internal conflicts and dilemmas.


What does this look like?

I encourage  free association to explore ideas, thoughts and feelings and patterns that are repeated from the past to the present and help you to understand why different parts of you want and need different things and lead you to respond and behave in a certain way.


Working with these two approaches combined helps clients to gently access the unconscious aspects of their mind - where I believe many of our difficulties can be resolved from and the foundations of personal peace, growth and satisfaction can be built upon. 

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