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Hello, I'm Rebecca. 

Psychotherapist, Counsellor 
and ADHD specialist

Welcome to Rebecca Loan Counselling and Psychotherapy, where you'll find a safe pair of hands to guide you through your journey of self-discovery and growth.


Trained to a high standard in psychodynamic psychotherapy, I uncover the unconscious processes that often sabotage us. With five years of intensive training in the UK and over 3000 hours of therapy provided to clients of all ages, I ensure that each individual receives the utmost care and effective treatment in my private practice.

Empathy and understanding are at the core of my approach.


Having walked the walk with seven years of personal psychotherapy experience, I know firsthand the challenges of overcoming seemingly insurmountable issues. Drawing from this knowledge, I skillfully support you as you navigate through your own transformative journey.

With personal and professional experience in ADHD spanning three decades, I bring a unique perspective to the table.


As a qualified ADHD Clinician, I understand the life changing impact ADHD can have on individuals and their loved ones.  Using a creative approach I offer my clients practical ADHD resources, designed to simplify and help make sense of the complexities of living with ADHD. Whether you're seeking therapy or seeking tools to better understand ADHD, I am here to empower you on your path to growth and self-discovery.


As an easy-to-talk-to experienced psychotherapist and counselor,


I offer both weekly therapy sessions and single mini ADHD support sessions, available face-to-face in Singapore or online internationally. I understand the overwhelm of seeking ADHD support and aim to make the process as straightforward as possible, helping you find the right therapist to make a real difference in your life.



Are you ?

  • ​​New to everything ADHD
  • Unsure about clinical ADHD diagnosis 
  • Waiting for an ADHD diagnosis
  • Just diagnosed with questions
  • Need to talk about symptoms 
  • Looking for tools and resources
  • Ready for ADHD Self Assessment 
  • Struggling with ADHD parenting
Book in today
  1. ​Learn how your ADHD affects your everyday life

  2. Understand how your ADHD presents in subtle ways 
  3. Talk about symptoms you struggle with or mask
  4. Connect patterns of ADHD thoughts and behaviours
  5. Receive helpful tools and resources
  6. Find support from an ADHD professional 
  7. Get the most out of your clinical assessment
  8. Talk to someone who gets the rollercoaster of ADHD

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