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Hi, I am Rebecca -
a counsellor, psychotherapist
and ADHD specialist in Singapore

Helping you make sense and your situation.

I am an easy to talk to international psychotherapist and counsellor providing regular therapy and bespoke ADHD support for men and women of all ages, face to face and online from Singapore.

It can be hard to find the right therapist amongst all of us out there ...SO here are FIVE things about working with me that might be helpful to know.



I can work with you at a deeper level to uncover how your unconscious processes and past are affecting your thoughts, feelings and actions now. My Psychodynamic training and experience support this.



I focus on helping you achieve lasting improvement to issues that you have not been able to resolve by thinking it over yourself, having short term therapy or taking medication.



I will support you as a unique individual. I specialise in ADHD support in Singapore and understand how different ADHD can be for everyone and the many ways symptoms can affect all aspects of life - including partners and family members. 



I have some great ADHD tools and reports for you which will help you navigate and make sense of ADHD. They are  developed from my research with clients on what works and what definitely doesn't!



I am a down to earth therapist with plenty of personal experience of creating change - in  my work, living and personal life. Originally from Essex in the UK,  I work with clients all across the world online and face to face from relaxed counselling rooms in Orchard and Chinatown. 

FREE Introductory  chat

I welcome you and your enquiry.

Send me a message via the link below OR ema
il me:

I will get back to you quickly and book in a time to talk.

The top twenty recommended reads

by ADHD clients and partners your FREE  ADHD Booklist

ADHD Executive Counsellor
adhd counselling singapore

Making sense of ADHD
single session options



'Where am I now?'

A gently guided question and answer session to help you learn more about your ADHD and  make sense of your current situation. 

Undiagnosed or diagnosed - this session is an important first step where we cover some aspects of your past, present and future to gain understanding of  your unique set of ADHD symptoms.

After your 60 min session I will send you a summary report for you to plan next steps from and reflect back on as you progress.


'What are my Subtle Symptoms?'

We will take time to look further than your diagnosing symptoms and learn more how your unique ADHD symptoms are affecting you in everyday life.

Select topics to explore such as - money, shopping, eating & drinking, relationships, communication, focus, health, self care, exercise, sleep and work.

Afterwards you will receive a comparison chart and detailed breakdown to provide you with valuable information on where most time is spent masking , managing or feeling overwhelmed.


'How can I Move forward? '

Reflect on what you have discovered and explore ways forward that feel right for you.

It may be preparing for a GP or psychiatrist conversation, more in depth support from myself or another ADHD positive practitioner, or some self led steps.

I will provide you with tools - a bespoke book list to suit your ADHD style, a Dopamine Diary sheet and point you in the direction to trusted free information, courses and workshops.

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